For Landlords

For Landlords

For landlords:

Renting a property you own requires prior success in selecting the tenant. It's not just a matter of financial standing, finding the right tenant depends on more factors.
On the other hand, good management of incidents, with the right dialogue between the parties, is key for the proper development of the lease.
Nicolas real estate agents are experts in letting management and have extensive experience in contingency management. Therefore, we offer you a comprehensive service for your absolute security.

  • Online and offline advertising                      
  • tenant selection                 
  • solvency check              
  • Deposit and registration of the property               
  • General inquiries during the rental agreement                     
  • rental update                         
  • Processing of rent protection insurance (optional)               
  • Direct dialogue with the tenant at any time                 
  • Intervention in eventualities in the property                      
  • Management of repair and/or replacement of furniture/fittings           
  • Procedure for change of ownership of utilities (electricity, water, gas)                 
  • Basic general cleaning of the property at the beginning or end of the rental                   
  • Representing the owner in legal proceedings                           

For sellers:

Selling is much more than putting a poster or ad on the internet and leaving it in the hands of “I'll be lucky”.
Nicolas Real Estate representatives are specialists in details that contribute to the success of the sale:

  •  The interests of the customer always come first.
  •  The design of a plan to buy / sell effectively.
  •  The right investment in resources and skilled workers.
  •  Permanent contact with your customer.
  • We design a viable sales plan that works in a way that saves our client hassle, time and money.
  • When selling a property, the small details can cost a lot of time, money, or headaches. There is no second chance to make a good first impression, which is essential to selling at the best price.
  • Selection and direct contact with buyers            
  • private contracts              
  • Preparation and written support at the notary                       
  • Advice on handing over the house                    
  • Professional real estate appraisal                     
  • Design of sales and marketing plans                           
  • Preparing the property for sale (home staging / staging)                
  • Complete graphical report of the property                      
  • Regular management reports                          
  • Online and offline publications (paper and other media)              
  • collaboration with other professionals               
  • Development of closing negotiations for sellers                    
  • Submission to notarial arbitration as an additional guarantee                        
  • Document / tax procedures                      
  • After-sales advice  


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